Anita Huang

ATCCQ President

Anita Huang


Anita Huang | ATCCQ President 19th

Anita Huang is the 19th President of the Australian Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Queensland (ATCCQ).  For more than 15 years, she has participated ATCCQevents enthusiastically in seminars, charities, bilateral trade, investment and cultural relations between Queensland and Taiwan.

Anita Huang’s profile showcases her diverse expertise in multiple fields, ranging from business administration and vocational education to naturopathy, dietetics, herbalism, massage therapy, and beauty care. Her commitment to promoting holistic well-being, education, and natural healing is evident through her ventures, including the Joyedu Academy and Nature’s Clinic. With her extensive qualifications and experience, Anita Huang contributes significantly to the fields she operates in and strives to make a positive impact on individuals’ lives.



Master of Business Administration (MBA), City University of Seattle

Businesses and Certificates :

Founder of  Mastery Institute Australia (MIA) – specialising in professional vocational education and training for both domestic and international students. 

Founder of Joyedu Academy – assisting immigration background children’s study in Australia

Founder of Nature’s Clinic – Anita Huang is the driving force behind Nature’s Clinic, a healthcare facility that focuses on natural healing and wellness.

Australian Vocational Education Training Lecturer – Anita Huang is a respected lecturer in the field of Vocational Education Training (VET) in Australia, imparting knowledge and skills to aspiring professionals.

Australian Registered Naturopath – Anita Huang is recognized as a registered naturopath in Australia, indicating her expertise in natural healthcare approaches.

Australian Registered Dietitian – Anita Huang is a registered dietitian in Australia, equipped with knowledge and experience in nutrition and dietary management.

Registered Western Herbalist in Australia – Anita Huang is registered as a Western Herbalist in Australia, specializing in herbal remedies and treatments.

Australian Registered Medical Massage Therapist – Anita Huang is a registered medical massage therapist in Australia, providing therapeutic massage services for medical purposes.

Australian Registered Beautician – Anita Huang is a registered beautician in Australia, offering various beauty treatments and services to enhance clients’ appearance and well-being.

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