Many people wanted to see the ATCCQ Photo Slideshow played at the Business Awards Gala Dinner last Saturday, here is the online version for you to see. I ask you to give me your good hands to make 2014-2015 even better!
Australian Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Queensland is in good hands, in the good hands of many committees, volunteers and sponsors. Now time to clap your…
– June 24, 2014 Paul Shih posted on Facebook.

Gala Dinner Photo
1T6A8115 1T6A7981 1T6A79781T6A8014 1T6A8015 1T6A8028 1T6A8037 1T6A8171 1T6A8197 1T6A8192 1T6A8210 1T6A8138 1T6A8128 1T6A8125 1T6A8277 1T6A8284 1T6A7865 1T6A8265 1T6A8267 1T6A8271 1T6A8243 1T6A7961 1T6A8164 1T6A82271T6A81621T6A8160 1T6A8158 1T6A8155 1T6A8152 1T6A8150 1T6A8148 1T6A8146 1T6A8145 1T6A8142 1T6A8016 1T6A8225 1T6A8221 1T6A8217 1T6A8214 1T6A8212 1T6A8208 1T6A8207 1T6A8203 1T6A8200 1T6A8199 1T6A8188 1T6A8186 1T6A8184 1T6A8180 1T6A8178 1T6A8177 1T6A8141 1T6A8122 1T6A8119 1T6A8116 1T6A81111T6A8107 1T6A8103 1T6A8100 1T6A8099 1T6A8096 1T6A8095 1T6A8094 1T6A8088 1T6A8073 1T6A8070 1T6A8090 1T6A8080 1T6A8083 1T6A8077 1T6A8060 1T6A8050 1T6A8057 1T6A8048 1T6A8034 1T6A8030 1T6A8028 1T6A8022 1T6A8026 1T6A8019 1T6A8011 1T6A8006 1T6A8004 1T6A8001 1T6A7994 1T6A7984 1T6A7892 1T6A7891 1T6A7888 1T6A7885 1T6A7883 1T6A7881 1T6A7873 1T6A7872 1T6A8236 1T6A8284 1T6A8277 1T6A8274 1T6A8260 1T6A8256 1T6A8259 1T6A8243 1T6A8255 1T6A8231 1T6A8242 1T6A8238 1T6A7969 1T6A7962 1T6A7956 1T6A7952 1T6A7949 1T6A7946 1T6A7944 1T6A7943 1T6A7940 1T6A7936 1T6A7938 1T6A7935 1T6A7933 1T6A7911 1T6A7925 1T6A7920 1T6A7917 1T6A7914 感謝台商會攝影組 Tuba Media Productions、 Yen HuangLouis Hou & Grace Huang提供的照片